Get started

This portal serves as a guide on how to onboard and integrate with the Two Payment Solution.

Depending on whether you host your own platform or use a third-party platform, you will manually integrate our API, or integrate directly with one of our Plugins.


Two is a B2B Buy Now, Pay Later solution which enables employees to purchase on behalf of the company they represent. Two supports both direct and funded invoices.


These prerequisites are independent on whether you will integrate directly with our API or use one of our e-commerce plugins.

  • Your company has to be registered in one of our Supported Regions .
  • Sign up to integrate with Two. After successfully signing up with Two, we will provide you with API keys for our sandbox environment.

What type of integration do I need?

Two currently supports my e-commerce platform

Go directly to our Plugin Documentation, where we describe in detail how to install the plugin.

I cannot find my e-commerce platform

Check out 'Coming Soon' in our Plugin Documentation

My platform is custom made

Check out our documentation by logging in to our merchant portal and find our integration page by following this link where you will have access to a detailed description on how to connect to our endpoints, examples, our OpenAPI specification, Postman collections, and more.

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