Integration Assessment

To assess your integration of the core Checkout API service, you can run through the following integration checkpoints and considerations to determine the completeness of your implementation.

Evaluating the state of your integration against these criteria will give you a strong indicator as to whether or not you have achieved a complete integration, and bring attention to any checkout and order flow considerations that have not been covered.

Note: Depending on the API endpoints in use, there may be other / more requirements for your integration.

Automated Integration Assessment

  1. Go to and log in (See example below)
  2. Make sure all elements are checked, and make necesarry adjustments
  3. Reach out to if you have any questions about your specific integration
integration progress

Manual Integration Assessment

1. Company Search

a. Has an intuitive placement for the user

b. It is possible to include a company ID manually if the company is not in the list

c. Region support (Should be available in all regions Two is operating in)

2. Address Autocomplete

a. In place and working

3. Order Intent

a. Two should only be available as a payment option if the buyer company has been approved for credit

4. Create Order

a. User is redirected to the verification page after placing an order with Two, and directed to the order confirmation page when the verification step is completed.

5. Confirm Order

a. The order state is updated to CONFIRMED after the buyer has been sent to the confirmation page

6. Cancel Order

a. Be able to cancel orders and therefore marking them as to not be fulfilled by Two

7. Edit Order

a. It shall be possible to edit parts of the order, changing the items, quantity, etc.

8. Fulfil Order

a. When you have marked the order state as FULFILLED the buyer will receive an invoice email from Two

9. Refund

a. Able to carry out complete refunds

b. Able to carry out partial refunds

10. The invoice and order content

a. Correct calculations of amounts when applying tax and any discounts (compare against invoice)

b. Gross amount is correct

c. Net amount is correct

d. Tax amount is correct

11. Verification

a. All verification redirects lead back to a page on the original (merchant) website b. The buyer is only sent to a Two verification page if they have been approved for credit

12. Error Messages

a. Provide clear and intuitive error messages

14. Compatibility with other payment services

15. Repeat Integration Assessment

a. Evaluate for all available regions

b. Checkout experience for logged in users