Using tax subtotals

Importance of tax subtotals

The core of the Two service eco system is built around sending orders. These orders desribe the amounts, products, quantities for which your buyer is being provided credit for.

To ensure strict compliance and the validation of your orders, we encourage integrating developers to make use of the tax subtotals field when building all of their order payloads for creation, edit, and refund operations.

Defining tax subtotals

Tax subtotals in the context of a Two order, break down the taxes applied to an order or transaction. They include three main parts: the tax amount (how much tax is paid), the tax rate (the percentage used to calculate the tax), and the taxable amount (the portion of the transaction subject to tax). These details help keep track of taxes accurately and make it easier to manage finances and meet regulatory requirements.

To test your proposed order payload, you can paste your JSON request into the clipboard below and submit to generate an example tax subtotals breakdown for your order as well as a general validation check.

Order validation checker

Paste your example order payload below (Must be JSON). If you do not have an order request to evaluate click one of the example buttons to generate an example order breakdown.

Order request does not contain any tax subtotals